Kyle Harvey started Black Hat Promotions with the idea that there wasn't a personalized approach to buying promotional items. Additionally, he wanted to be able to provide items that people would actually want to keep and display and/or use.  So often companies get promotional items that either end up in the junk drawer or worse...the trash.  There are times when an inexpensive item is all you need, but when you need something nice that won't break the bank, to where do you turn?  

      Black Hat Promotions is about personalized customer interactions...that's us interacting with you on a personal level, so that you can better interact with your customers on a personal level. Social media certainly has its place, but when it comes to connecting with customers, there's nothing better than "knowing someone."

     Why the name "Black Hat Promotions"?  Two reasons. 1) In old Western movies the cowboy with the white hat was always the good guy and the guy with the black hat was always the bad guy.  WHY?  The black hat always looked better and secretly we all wanted a black cowboy hat.  2) When Kyle was in the commercial construction industry he had a black hard hat.  He always got comments on it and everyone wanted one.  Black Hat Promotions' goal is for you to give your customers something that everyone wants and something that everyone will talk about.

      Call us fact, here's Kyle personal cell phone 678-988-4173. Or email us at sales@blackhatpromotions